Sanjeevani Knowledge Centre

The Sanjeevani Knowledge Centre is an entity under the Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation whose main aim is to encourage, promote, assist, aid or otherwise promote science, art, culture, general knowledge, environment and nature among schoolchildren in the area. The Knowledge Centre has been active since 2008, conducting interschool quiz competitions for children aged –-7-15.

The Centre has also set up a weekly quiz club in the area for children aged 7-15 The club meets on Sundays every week, and children are engaged in discussions about various topics including arts and culture, science, sports and current affairs.

As part of the club activities, workshops and field trips such as photography workshops, museum trips are also organized on a regular basis.

The trustees of the Sanjeevani Hospital Foundation have also been organizing the Sanjeevani Hospital Painting Competition (SHPC) for schoolchildren since the past 14 years.

The SHPC sees an annual turnout of 1200-1800 students. The responsibility of the SHPC now belongs to the Centre.

Another major project that the Centre has taken up is the creation of a library for schoolchildren.

The Centre’s library “Cover to Cover” has recently been set up with an initial collection of 400 books for schoolchildren aged 7 – 15 years.

Future activities include organizing interschool competitons such as elocution and debates and expanding the “Cover to Cover” Library.




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